Smart Comfort

max 2 1 25 mq

Simple things often hide unexpected joys.

Sober, essential, authentically Tuscan: in a word, smart


max 2 1 25 mq

Those who stay in Panorama experience an awakening surrounded by nature.

Terrazza Bellavista

max 2 1 25 mq

Terrazza Bellavista is a toast to life in front of a breathtaking Tuscan panorama.

Family Room

max 5 2-3 35 mq

For us Italians, the family is everything! If you too love to share every moment with the dearest loved ones, Family Room is the room for you.

Junior Suite

max 4 1-2 35 mq

Our Junior Suite welcomes you with a unique view of the beautiful hills of the Tuscan countryside.

Loggia Belvedere

max 4 1-2 35 mq

Overlooking a rustic terracotta porch with a panoramic view, Loggia Belvedere is the right place for those who take life lightly.

Tower Suite

max 4 1-2 45 mq

Spacious and majestic. It is the fantastic Tower Suite: the best accommodation, because it is worthy of a king.