Larderello Geothermal Museum

Larderello Geothermal Museum

If you are looking for a good geothermal museum to visit in Tuscany, then you can’t just ignore the possibilities offered by the magnificent structure of Larderello. It is a Geothermal Museum with a deep history behind it, so much so that it was founded in the late 1950s and has since become a real point of reference for all those who want to give themselves the opportunity to admire various artifacts related to world of geothermal energy. This museum is located on the ground floor of the famous Palazzo de ‘Larderel, which has now also been renovated, thus offering all visitors the opportunity to admire all the exhibits in a much simpler and more immediate way. Currently, a temporary solution has been prepared in the Larderello Geothermal Power Museum to accommodate the many guests who come to this museum every year. In fact, the things to see are by no means few, since the exhibition in this museum focuses on everything related to geothermal energy and its exploitation. All interested parties are shown numerous research techniques and also different methods of drilling the ground using particular models. All the objects in the exhibition are beautiful to admire, as they are handled by real professionals in the sector.

But it is not simply a traditional museum, as one might think. The one in Larderello is a multimedia Geothermal Museum that provokes the interaction of all guests in order to make them better understand what the geothermal phenomenon is, its possible industrial developments and much more. Both those who already have considerable knowledge of the field and absolute beginners in the sector can find many interesting things. This museum, in fact, can also be interesting for professionals who want to deepen their knowledge. This museum also represents an excellent introduction to the Larderello area. And if any particular object on display is not completely clear or if you want to find out more about everything related to the objects that are located there, it will be possible to request information from the local staff. The latter will be happy to help all guests in their knowledge increase on the various objects closely related to the world of geothermal energy. Only those who can be considered to all intents and purposes as real experts in the field work there.

Obviously, each object placed on the display of this model is also equipped with a plate with the text that can remove all doubts from the various guests who read it. In addition, the exhibition was professionally curated, in all its parts, paying attention to all the details. In this way, visitors to the Larderello Geothermal Museum will be able to have all the information they need at hand without any problems. The multimedia of this museum, then, also allows a greater immersion of visitors in the world related to the geothermal discipline.

The very territory on which the museum in question is located really has a lot to offer to guests. In fact, Larderello is an area full of curiosities, as well as a beautiful history behind it. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the Palazzo de ‘Larderel is 100% immersed in an incredible natural setting and the Geothermal Museum is just the entrance to this magnificent place. Furthermore, this museum can be visited by both children and adults.

It is often believed that museums like this can only be visited by adults. However, the Larderello Geothermal Museum is an interactive and fun place for children as well. The little ones here will find a wide range of fun things to know about geothermal energy. There are many children who would like to come to this museum again to be able to relive all the adventures and beautiful moments of the place again.

However, before going to the Geothermal Museum, it is advisable to book the tickets necessary for the visit. This can be done by calling the Geothermal Museum on +39 0588 67724 or by writing an email to

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