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Le Fonti is our home and the best family hotel in Volterra! The location was founded by my father, Ghebo Vero Bessi. Fulfilling a dream which my father had spent a lifetime working towards, he involved the whole family in this very ambitious project including myself, my mother and my sister Paola.

For all of us Park Hotel le Fonti is a place of work but also a sanctuary and our home. My whole family spend a lot of time here so that guests may feel at home too.
Perhaps that is why so many guests come back to visit us!



Enjoyment and leisure, the secret of Tuscan living



Be inspired by our joy!

Here in Volterra you can still fully experience the authentic uniqueness of the place and the people.
A complete Tuscan experience of pure energy and ancient vigor. Revel in the beauty of the natural archaic surroundings, savor the exquisite food and excellent wines and have the best holiday you have ever had!



The history of the Bessi family lies in the alabaster craft.

One of the Bessi family's most illustrous ancestors, Cav. Giuseppe Bessi born in 1857 in Volterra, trained and educated at the art school in Florence, was well known and esteemed as a master of the alabaster craft leaving a legacy of a collection of beautifully sculptured female busts.

His son, Mino Bessi, continued in his father's footsteps and added to the collection. After the second world war the valuable collection of artifacts Bessi was inherited by my father, Ghebo Vero Bessi.
Today, this exclusive collection of alabaster sculptures is on display both in the hotel and in our shop located in Via Turazza 1, Volterra.

Bessi's Family | Park Hotel le Fonti Volterra
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